Communication and Sports Marketing

Advfeel Communication is a promotion and sports marketing agency, specialized in adventure tourist and outdoor sports.

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Founded by German Cuevas has collaborated and worked in important media groups in Latin  America, in Diferents Europe Zones, Australia, and Spain, his main theme is  adventure. He has collaborated and developed events, tours, expeditions  and created communication strategies for tourist offices and for products  release campaigns linked to the outdoors world. Currently based in Barcelona, Spain

He is the Director and Editor of AdvFeel and work, in Euro Aliance, of the International network of Adventure Media.

We carry out our work in much of the world and in some of the media more relevant in the world of adventure, working directly through our social networks and in collaboration with networks of international agencies, publishing in print, web and TV. As an example, in last year 2015 we were directly present at events in: Spain, France, Germany, Chile, Argentina, Australia, Malaysia, Canada and indirectly through our partners at events held in more than 22 countries. 

The expertise gathered through many years allows us to be an international reference in the world of adventure and tourism, mainly across the whole Spanish-speaking community. Our direct collaboration with the races provides an added value to the competitions, organizing parallel activities to the race, such as visits to places of interest, holiday’s stays, pre and post-race for runners as well during the race for accompanying persons. Altogether makes us to be directly claimed by teams and accompaniers for the organization and logistics of moving around, taking advantage of the good relationship with the event organizers.