Innovative bicycle care products

Squirt Cycling Products have been a part of the cycling industry in South Africa and worldwide for over 18 years, and is a proud supporter of the ARWS.

With their innovative and and high-quality range of bike care products they have become the go-to brand for mountain bikers, adventure and endurance racers and all disciplines of the cycling community. The Squirt range of products are manufactured with the environment in mind, ensuring that excellent performance of their consumables is not achieved at a negative cost to the earth and the health and consumers.

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Squirt’s flagship product, its Long Lasting Chain Lube, is biodegradable and will last for the length of any marathon ride. It reduces chain friction, keeps your bike’s chain clean and will not create a grinding paste.

Squirt Barrier Balm is a unique product in the anti-chafe market. It contains lanolin and tea tree oil which forms a microfilm barrier on skin. Barrier Balm is water repellent and offers lasting protection against chafing, blisters and rashes caused by clothing, shoes and sports equipment. It’s the go-to for long distance and endurance athletes, regardless of the conditions.

Other products include Squirt SEAL Tyre Sealant, Squirt Biodegradable Bike Cleaner and the Squirt Sweatsucker sweatband.

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To learn more about the Squirt Cycling Products range, visit their website.