Posted on: 13 June 2024

The Non Stop Adventure Race in Ecuador set to host the second ARWS South America Race of the year

It's now time for ARWS South America to go to the north of the continent where the Ecuadorian adventure racing community is preparing for the NON STOP race

After ULALA's victory in RAID GUARANI last month, it is now time for ARWS South America to go to the north of the continent where the Ecuadorian adventure racing community is preparing for the NON STOP race. The race is a fixture in the Ecuadorian calendar and is directed by Proyecto Aventura, the organizers of Huairasinchi. It’s a perfect opportunity for Ecuadorian and South American teams to prepare for this year’s AR World Championship!

The rogaine format of the competition is very attractive for athletes who will be racing for around 12 hours and the best Ecuadorian athletes will be taking part, hoping to qualify for the next South American Championship and test themselves against the best on the continent. From there they could win a place in the Expedition Canada 2025 World Championship.

The chosen region will be Quilotoa, which presents a landscape straight out of a movie with a lake and hills bordering a crater at more than 3000 meters high. The region was used for the 2019 Huairasinchi race so some teams will be familiar with it.

More than 50 teams will compete in various formats, and more than 20 mixed quartets will race for the regional ranking points, the majority of them also using the race to prepare for Huairasinchi.

The race will begin with a packraft stage, continue with trekking and will end with an MTB stage, and for this race there will be no live tracking, due to the regaining nature of the course.

Among the strongest teams are the winners of the Huairasinchi Aventura 2022, Team Cuatro Vientos, the winners of the Huairasinchi Aventura 2023 and top 5 South American team Chispitas, the veterans of Ñongos and the winners of Huairasinchi 2023 the Andes Racing team. Also in a late entry are the always strong Life Adventure Imptek, who were racing only last week at PC12 in Colombia.

The table is set for a points adventure in a rogaine format, which will begin on Saturday morning and will find the next ARWS South America Championship qualifier and show how the many strong Ecuadorian teams are preparing for the World Championships in November.

For more information follow the Proyecto Aventura Ecuador social media networks 




South America Series Non Stop Imptek

The Nonstop Imptek is an adventure race under the ROGAINE modality. This race mixes the well-known sprint adventure race with a touch of expedition race (Huairasinchi style). The team that finds the most checkpoints (CPS) in a given time wins! There is no set route or distance and it will depend on the strategy and ability of each team.

15 Jun - 15 Jun 2024 (Past Race)
Course Open
12 Hours
Team of 2 & 4
35 Teams