Posted on: 05 October 2023

The Final ARWS South America Regional Race for 2023 is the Desert Challenge in Chile

Stage 5 of the ARWS South American regional rounds summons Chilean athletes to the coastal town of Tongoy for a true adventure challenge with the seal of the legendary athlete and Race Director Nelson Yañez.

Few organizers can transmit as much spirit of adventure as Nelson, who at 50 and some years old is in his third ARWS event. At the same time he is preparing to lead his own team to race The AR World Championship in South Africa, where he will once again place a Chilean flag at the start line of the most challenging event in the world and race against the best.

And in his life everything is like that. Pure passion!

And with his family behind him supporting every move.

That is why the Chilean racers follow him and there will be 40 athletes who will stand at the start line in Tongoy on Saturday to face 180 challenging kms of racing in 9 stages with 7 transitions.

Without a doubt, navigation will be the most interesting challenge and will divide the teams in the night stages, but adaptation to the terrain will also play an important role. Navigation will be especially challenging if the coastal “baguada” (high-density fog) suddenly changes the weather, as it did in the 2022 race.

Among those registered is Chilear, captained by the experienced athlete Luis Patagon Soto, who together with Daniel Galaz, Herman García and the atomic racer Nataly Rosas will present themselves as one of the strongest teams. In the first South American final in Pucón they fought for the lead until last minute against Brazil Multisport.

There is also the Norte Claro Redfarma team, which is the team with the greatest historical participation in the ARWS regional series for South America. They are a team with very high athletic performance and are joined by the outstanding navigator Jorge Cifuentes.

“In adventure races anything can happen and nothing is carved in stone. There are many teams who will fight to win and only one of them will achieve the goal and qualify for the South American Final!” Nelson commented enthusiastically.

his Sunday we will know the last ARWS South America qualifiers and who will race the 2-time champions Brazil Multisport, and the other qualifiers; Team Outdoor from Argentina, Angiru from Paraguay, Chispitas from Ecuador, and Alquimistas-CAC (Argentina/Uruguay) in the 3rd South American final in December at the Malacara Race in Orleans, competing alongside all the best teams in Brazil.

You will be able to the live race tracking from the race start on Saturday morning on




South America Series DESERT CHALLENGE

This race will take place in the region of Coquimbo, the entry gate to the Chilean desert.

28 Sep - 29 Sep 2024
150 km
Course Open
Team of 2 & 4
20 Teams