Posted on: 09 May 2024

Raid Guarani will be the first South America ARWS Regional race of the year

Raid Guarani, presented by the Expedicion Guarani team, takes place from May 10-12th with a strong international entry, and continuous live coverage of the race.

The first South American regional round of the year (counting Guerreiros Naventura as a Brazilian round) awaits the athletes in PILAR, Ñeembucú in the Southwest of Paraguay with a route designed by world class athlete and organizer Urtzi Iglesias. The ARWS course will be about 180kms in 7 stages where the special ingredients promise to be a trekking/swimrun stage with stream crossings and 2 paddling stages in Paraguay’s most important rivers.

About 130 athletes will be on the start line to challenge the course in 4 formats. The ARWS Expedition category of 180km will open for 24 hours of racing and there are 14 teams registered with a high international participation.

The level of the teams promises an interesting battle to qualify to the next ARWS South American Championship to be held in Uruguay in February 2025!

From Paraguay, the Ulalá team is one of the most experienced and they are joined by the 2-time South American champion Fernando Perez Vargas. Also in the mix will be the former Paraguayan champions Tejú Guazú, Mykure and Cristagua Itapúa Sport who will include the veteran Argentine raider Daniel Pincu.

From Chile, Team Norte Claro Redfarma will become with this race the team with the highest participation in regional rounds in 1 year after racing in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and now in Paraguay! What a fantastic commitment by this team!

From Uruguay there will be 4 teams and the Charrúa Extremo team captained by Luis Santini stands out, reinforcing its strength with high-level athletes from other Uruguayan teams.

The table will be set for fans who will be able to count on tracking in Nonstopaventura, the networks of Expedición Guaraní and ARWS South America as usual, but also with a massive production effort by the Club de Corredores de Paraguay that is preparing the first live show in streaming in a South American regional with panelists who will report on the race as it happens, live from start to finish!

Expect a lot of water, adventures, strong competition and great media coverage this weekend in Paraguay.

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