Posted on: 02 April 2024

Pocket Gopher Challenges 2024 Welcomes International Racers!

The Pocket Gopher Challenges adventure races welcomes two international race teams as part of their 2024 line up.

Team “La Ruta Madre” from Mexico will be on the start line for the 30hr race and team “Slow is Smooth”, a combined Canadian/American team will be towing the line for their first ever adventure race in the 6hr race.

“When I started the Pocket Gopher Challenges four years ago it was my dream to bring back old school adventure races that put as many decisions as possible back into the hands of race teams. I never imagined that my smaller race in Midwest Minesota, USA would one day host international racers” stated Race Director John Harris. “I am truly honored for the opportunity to show international race teams what middle America has to offer”. “I owe a large gratitude of thanks to Adventure Racing World Series (ARWS) and especially CEO Heidi Muller for helping to make that dream a reality.”

“I first met Heidi in Brazil while racing there and it was immediately clear she has a passion for adventure racing” John added. “I knew I wanted to be a part of what she was bringing to North America. ARWS came to the North America for the first time in 2023 and took adventure racing in the United States to another level. The Pocket Gopher Challenges were a part of that inaugural first year and it was during that race, talking to other racers and volunteers, that we began to strategize how we could attract international racers and show the world what adventure racing in the USA is like.

“One of the attributes that sets ARWS apart from any other organization is the care and support given to each race. Heidi makes time to meet with you, discuss marketing and media strategies or whatever you need. It does not matter if your race is a 1,000-person race or a 100 person race, the same effort goes into making each race successful. I couldn’t have done this without Heidi and the ARWS team.” Said Harris.

The Pocket Gopher Challenges is still 3 months away and there is time to sign up. The race welcomes all adventure racers from all over the world, it does not matter if this is your first race or if you are highly experienced, we have a race to match your skill set. Race registration is limited so sign up soon!

The Pocket Gopher Challenges take place from July 19-21st in Nerstrand Minnesota, and are organised by Howling Adventurer LLC. The race is sanctioned by the US Adventure Racing Assoc. (USARA) and is part of the North American calendar of the Adventure Racing World Series.

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North America Series Pocket Gopher Extreme Challenge

In 2024 the Pocket Gopher Challenges are coming back to where it all began, Nerstand MN.

19 Jul - 21 Jul 2024 (Past Race)
Course Open
30hrs & 12 Hrs
Team of 2, 3 & 4
200 people