Posted on: 16 October 2023

How to Follow the 2023 Adventure Racing World Championship

The race has gathered the most experienced adventure race reporters, journalists and videographers in the world to share the race experiences of the teams and follow their highs and lows through the race.

One hundred and nine four-person teams are now gathered in Cape St. Francis Resort preparing for the 2023 Adventure Racing World Championship, which starts Thursday, 19 October 2023.

Teams from 30 countries will race the 800km course over 9 days; trekking, biking and paddling, nonstop, day and night. Just reaching the start line has been a huge undertaking already and their dream is to reach the finish line of the World Championship course set by Expedition Africa.

They’ve all been supported in that dream by a network of family, colleagues and friends, who will avidly follow their progress through the online race tracking and social media reporting.

There is a global army of ‘dotwatchers’ waiting to live the race through their phone, tablet and computer screens!

The race has gathered the most experienced adventure race reporters, journalists and videographers in the world to share the race experiences of the teams and follow their highs and lows through the race.

The 30 strong ARWC 2023 media team are from South Africa, India, Uruguay, UK, Spain, USA, Sweden and Brazil. They have worked on adventure sports around the world and combined they have covered more than 100 ARWS Qualifiers, Expedition Africa races and AR World Championships.

Their work will be posted to multiple ARWS social media channels, as often as circumstances allow (and they will be very challenging at this race). Coverage will primarily be in English, but there will be posts in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Swedish and Afrikaans as well.

In addition there are more than 40 ‘team media’ who will follow their own teams and report for fans in their home countries. They will be posting in Japanese, Finnish, Dutch and a dozen other languages and it’s a good idea for race fans to search for team names and to use the race hashtags to search for the full range of coverage.

ARWC 2023 Hashtags; #arworldseries #expafrica #arwc2023 #adventureracing

Live GPS Tracking ( )

Each team carries a SPOT tracking unit that transmits a signal every 2.5 minutes, giving the team’s position.

For the duration of the event, ‘Dot Watchers’ will be distracted from their everyday activities by watching the tracking dots of teams moving in real time around the course. They can watch rivalries unfold and teams searching for a checkpoint, and it’s possible to select multiple teams to compare their route choices.

The satellite based map has an overlay indicating the locations of checkpoints and transitions as well as a track showing the most likely route that teams will take.

Connected to the tracking page is a leaderboard that shows current rankings. By clicking on a team name, you can see a team photograph and the names of the team members. Each dot shows the last update time and the team’s current speed.

Warning; ‘dotwatching’ can become obsessive and take over your life!

The main ARWS social media channels are all @arworldseries


There will be regular posts, videos and photographs, plus reels, links to reports from the race, relevant shared content, and insights from the live GPS tracking.


The AR World Series Instagram account will show photographs, short videos and Stories. Instagram will be more multi-lingual including Spanish and Portuguese, French and Swedish.


The AR World Series YouTube channel is your one-stop for great video content from the event and is readily accessible to those not on other social media channels.

There will be videos, shorts and live streaming, plus end-of-day wrap-ups from reporters on the course and videos of each day’s action.

[Ensure that you receive notifications from the @ARWorldSeries YouTube Channel about new content by hitting the ‘Subscribe’ button. Once the button changes to ‘Subscribed’, click on the down arrow and select the notifications bell for ‘All’.]

Don’t Miss Dates

The Flag Parade and Opening Ceremony will be streamed live at 14h00 on Tuesday, 17 October 2023. From the St Francis Links. There will be dancers, a choir and a local marimba band for an hour of entertainment.

The start at 11h00 on Thursday, 19 October 2023 may be streamed live if the internet connection supports the transmission.

Keep an eye on the live GPS tracking to see when the first teams are approaching the finish (expected Monday 23rd) and then tune into the live streaming at the Cape St Francis Resort to celebrate the winners at the finish.

The Dark Zone; An Adventure Racing Podcast, hosted by Brian Gatens, will be broadcasting an in-depth course run through with Race Director Stephan Muller just after the start (5am EST) and will there will also be an in-race podcast with expert analysis at 10.30am EST on Oct. 21st and an interview with the new champions (time to be announced.)

Adventure Racing Insider is also planning some live broadcasts on Facebook and are producing the course 3D flyovers which will be released during the race.

It’s all on the LIVE Page

You will be able to view the tracking and see up-to-date news feeds from all of the main ARWS channels on

Buckle up and get ready for a week of action and adventure and share in the wonderous sights and locations that teams experience through ARWS media channels that will envelop you in the magic of the 2023 Adventure Racing World Championship.




World Champs Qualifier

Expedition Africa Adventure Race is a multi-day, multi-discipline endurance event that takes place in different locations throughout Africa. Participants navigate through challenging terrain and face various obstacles, testing their physical and mental limits in a true adventure of a lifetime.

19 Oct - 28 Oct 2023 (Past Race)
700 km +
Course Open
9 Days
Mixed teams of 4