Posted on: 07 July 2023

Change to the AR World Championship Team Nationality Rule

The Adventure Racing World Series has amended the nationality rules for teams attending the Adventure Racing World Championship.

Previously a team has been required to have 3 racers of the same nationality to be ranked at the AR World Championship and this has been changed with immediate effect to 2 racers of the same nationality.

ARWS CEO Heidi Muller explained, “I received numerous requests to relax the nationality rule and consulted with our Race Directors and the ARWS Non-Executive Board to get their advice on whether to amend the rule.

“There were different opinions, but a big majority favoured relaxing the nationality requirement. This was partly to help make it easier for teams to get together, and there was a feeling that Adventure Racing has always been a global sport, with teams and friendships built across borders. Adventure Racing is a unique sport which goes its own way and is more about international cooperation than national competition.

“It’s the team which comes first in adventure racing, wherever the team members come from. Teams are not selected to represent a country and enter under their own initiative and at their own expense. Most will have racers from one country of course, and proudly carry their national flag, but those racers who like to have multi-national teams will now have a little more freedom.

“On race bibs and leaderboards the flag shown will still be that of the majority (or chosen) nationality within the team, and nationality will be determined by the racer’s passport (not by residence).

“In practice this will make no difference to most ARWC teams, but it will make it easier to form multi-national teams, for teams to find last minute replacements, and for racers who struggle to find a suitable team in their own country.

“The ARWS wants to be open to racers from all over the world and this adjustment will make it easier for them to take part in the Adventure Racing World Championship.”