Posted on: 07 November 2023

Adventure Race Croatia Entry Opens November 13th

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The countdown is on to Adventure Race Croatia ... not to the race, but to entries opening!

Getting a place in one of the most popular ARWS Qualifier races is a competitive event in itself, and the deadline teams will be aiming for is just a week away. Entries for the 2024 race open on November 13th at 16.00 CET and there are only 30 places available.

For this year’s ARC entry sold out in 12 minutes and Race Director Igor Dorotic thinks they may sell out the 2024 race even more quickly. “We have tried to pick a good time for teams in other time zones to be able to enter,” he said, “as we always get a good international entry.”
2024 will be the 5th ARC and the race is returning to the venue used for the 2022 race – the town of Baška. “It was a great venue, so we are delighted to return there,” said Dorotic, “and we have planned a course to explore new areas of Croatia.”

The resort town of Baška is on the island of Krk and has beautiful ancient buildings in the old town and many nearby beaches. Baška is 3 hours from Zagreb airport and the race will arrange free transport for teams to the race HQ, which is at the Baška Beach Resort. All teams need to book to stay there and those who stayed last time know it’s an ideal location. The race website says, “Prepare to be spoiled.”

May temperatures in Krk should be a pleasant 10C to 18C, but as those who raced last time know, it can get much hotter, and as those who raced in the rains and floods this year can testify, it’s not always sunshine all the way on the northern Adriatic coast. (Though that’s what’s you are most likely to get.)

There is 15 hours of daylight in May and the race is known for relatively short, fast stages (compared to some other ARWS races). Coastal and inland paddling can be spectacular, there are many caves and waterfalls in the hills and the trekking and biking conditions can vary depending on the location. There is a lot of variation of terrain and climate between the coastal islands and the mountains of the interior.

For next year Dorotic promises a 500km course over 4 days which will take teams “from the coast, across the islands and over the mountains to the inland rivers and back to the sea again.”

Race dates are May 13-17th and the early bird entry fee is 3500 Euro (3800 after Jan 1st) with accommodation costs around 700 euro per team.

Full information is on and you can see the trailer for the race at

Entry for the 2024 ARC will open on the website at November 13th at 16.00 CET – if you want to race don’t be late!




Qualifier Circuit
13 May - 18 May 2024
Course Open
4 Days
Mixed teams of 4


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