Posted on: 25 May 2023

The Second ARWS South America Race for 2023 is in Borja, Paraguay

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The younger sister of Expedición Guaraní is directed and put together by the experienced Basque Spanish athlete and Race Director Urtzi Iglesias

After Team Outdoors secured its place in the South American final by winning round one of the ARWS South America circuit at the XK race in Villa la Angostura, the growing Paraguayan community of racers is preparing to participate in the second ARWS South America race of the year at RAID GUARANI!

The younger sister of Expedición Guaraní is directed and put together by the experienced Basque Spanish athlete and Race Director Urtzi Iglesias, who is now living in Paraguay.

When asked how many races he has already organized, it is hard for him to remember exactly but he thinks that it exceeds 25. The organisation of the last year’s Adventure Racing World Championship clearly stands out as a highlight with athletes from 20 countries!

The place chosen for his next incredible adventure race is BORJA in the very heart of Paraguay. It is a place riddled with the richest history that dates back to 1776 when the Franciscan missions decided to build the parish church.

It is a town of barely 12,000 inhabitants who live mostly in a rural context surrounded by an ideal diversity for adventure sports. There are a great variety of terrains and panoramic contrasts between hills, streams, forests and waterfalls.

Racing at Raid Guarani

The race has an entry of 40 teams in the 4 possible formats, totalling about 120 Paraguayan athletes. The ARWS category of mixed teams of 4 on the 180km course includes a strong entry with the following teams expected to be strong; Symbiosis, Adventure Flyers and Kavure'i (who were 7th in the last South American Championships). And there is the ANGIRU team that continues to grow in strength and had a good competition at the Malacara Race in Brazil and are also signed up for the World Champs in South Africa.

(Sadly, the Paraguayan national champions, team Ulala had to withdraw at the last minute due to illness.) 

The race is organised by Non Stop Aventura and supported by the Adventure Racers Club of Paraguay and the 180km ARWS course will be open for 30 hours. There are also 125km and 50km categories.

You can follow the live tracking for the race at:

Expedicion Guarani will take place from August 26th to Sept. 1st this year and is once again an Adventure Racing World Series Qualifier, taking place on a 400km course. (There are also several shorter courses.)

For more information on Raid Guarani see




Raid Guaraní is an adventure race organized by Expedition Guaraní and NonStop Aventura.

10 May - 12 May 2024
Course Open
4 mixed/ 2 mixed