XPD Teams packed, checked and ready to go

Teams converged on St Helen’s HQ today for registration, competency and gear checks for XPD Bay of Fires.

The expedition length race, which may see some teams out on course for up to 6.5 days, requires detailed team preparation.  In addition to packing boxes of food, bikes and gear, teams must complete mandatory checks such as navigation and first aid, as well as attend safety and conservation briefs.

Tom Chadbourne from Tri-Adventure Antelopes commented “I keep asking myself have I finished packing yet?….No….”

The teams must pack team boxes and bikes that will be moved around the course as the teams progress.

The weather forecast for St Helens has meant a late course change for race start and a cancellation of 2 11km kayak legs.  Rain and 60km gale force winds are predicted for the area on Sunday, so Race Director Louise Foulkes made the decision today to cancel the initial kayak legs and teams were notified of the course change.   The teams will now start the race with a Trek leg of 13kms.


Early tomorrow morning teams return to HQ  for course map handout.  They will then be in ‘lock down’ for 2 hours for course planning.  They will then be bused to the race start.

The XPD course this year will see teams travel on 12 adventure racing legs, including 4 trekking, 5 mountain biking and 3 kayaking legs.

The modified course as is below:
Leg 1 – Trek – 13km
Leg 2 – Mountain Bike – 22km
Leg 3 – Kayak – 13km
Leg 4 – Mountain Bike – 63km
Leg 5 – Kayak – 38km
Leg 6 – Trek – 43km
Leg 7 – Mountain Bike – 115km
Leg 8 – Trek – 25km
Leg 9 – Mountain Bike – 100km
Leg 10 – Trek – 38km
Leg 11 – Kayak – 11km
Leg 12 – Mountain Bike – 35km


Dot watchers can follow the race online with live tracking:


Social Media updates will be available on the Geocentric Outdoors Facebook page:


The AR World Series will also be covering the race:

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