Tri-Adventure Antelopes set to claim victory in XPD

Tri-Adventure Antelopes have secured an enormous lead and on their way to victory at XPD.

The team rode the 115km mountain bike leg overnight through from the Carr Villa – Ben Lomond in the alpine region to Weldborough.  Deemed to be the most difficult bike leg of the race, the leg includes the Blue Tier Single Track trail.   The team rode the renowned single trail section during the morning, but was feeling the fatigue.

“The adventure racing legs don’t like the punchy stuff” said Elizabeth Dormon, “but fun to do single track instead of fire roads.”

Tom Chadbourne had a stick flick up and cause issues with his mountain bike during the bike leg, but the ingenuity of using a cable tie, was seeing him through.

The team arrived at the next TA Weldborough pub at 3PM to fuel up and have a quick sleep.  Rootstock Racing (USA) was the next team to arrive to the TA at 11:30 pm that night.  Wild Yaks were next at 2:16 am.  Tri-Adventure Antelopes, how now extended their lead to 8.5 hours.

Following next was a scenic trekking leg.  “The teams traverse the magical Rattler Range on this 25km hike. Nick-named “Lord of the Rings territory”, says race director Louise Foulkes.  “They will navigate their way under a thick canopy past enormous trees hidden in Gondwana rainforest.”

As Tri-Adventure Antelopes made their way through the next 100 km mountain bike stage, they were starting to slow down during the Bay of Fires leg – a 38 km walk along the coast line on the edge of Mount William National Park.

As night falls and they continue to paddle and ride their way to the finish line, there’s a race on for second place.

Dash is now only 45 mins behind Rootstock Racing (USA) at the finish of the Rattlers Range trek.  Rootstock Racing have held second place for most of the race.  While the team enjoyed a long rest at the TA at Weldborough pub, Dash has steadily gained ground.  Sleep tactics and fatigue may come into play here for the next legs of the race.

Race placings at the end of  XPD Day 4

1  Tri-Adventure Antelopes

2  Rootstock Racing

3  Dash

4  Wild Yaks

5  Aussie Battlers

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