Tiki Tour Win in New Zealand

Announcing the winners of Godzone Adventure Race 2017, New Zealand Team Tiki Tour, comprised of Tom Lucas, Mike Kelly, George Lucas, and Floortje Grimmett. They finishing the Queenstown, New Zealand based race in three days, four hours, and 15 minutes. Tiki Tour was followed by 2nd place Yealands Family Wines and 3rd place Swordfox.

As the remaining teams finish the New Zealand stop of the ARWS, with regret we are announcing that the Godzone Race Director informed the ARWS an hour after the race start that the Godzone Adventure race were withdrawing from the ARWS. Although the withdraw and its timing will cause concerns as to whether or not the race was an ARWS sanctioned race, the ARWS remains committed to its race teams and will honour the placing and rankings of the teams who have finished the New Zealand race.

The ARWS looks forward to the exciting 2017/18 seasons and the velocity of which our sport is moving as we evolve.

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Released 2 Mar 2017 by Craig Bycroft, Adventure Racing World Series

Photo by Godzone Adventure

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