The XC Adventure Race In Uruguay Is Next in the ARWS South America Series

The 4th out of 5 regional rounds in ARWS South America series will be the XC Race in Uruguay, which is celebrating its 10th edition this year.  It is set to be a dynamic race, with an estimated winning time of 15hs for the 150km ARWS course, which will combine 110kms of MTB, 30kms of trekking and 10kms of kayak, plus 2 ropes sections.

Race Director Nicolás Davyt said: “It’s a great responsibility to be a part of the ARWS for our 10th edition.”

A key ingredient to this race will be transitioning quickly and efficiently, because the race will have 12 sections and 11 transitions!

“We discovered so many beautiful places in the area for trekking and MTB, and have set up 2 rogaine sections for the racers which will include local villages and promote our sport.  Our race is declared as of Tourist Interest by the Uruguayan Tourist Secretary for having so many historical and tourist locations on the route. That’s why we decided to set a course with a total of 5 trekking legs, 5 MTB legs and 2 kayak legs,” said Nicolás.

A total of 80 racers will participate in all categories, which include the ARWS course (mixed team of 4), the PRO ELITE category for pairs, and the PRO CHALLENGE course over 50kms (with no paddling).

Ruben Manduré’s Uruguay Ultra Sports team is definitely one of the ARWS teams to beat after a great race at ARWC in Paraguay, where they came in 11th and they are on their way to being ranked in the top places in the South America rankings.

From Brazil, the MALACARA RACE team is about to do their first ARWS regional round and collect ranking points. The team will organize a 500k demonstration race as part of the ARWS 2023 calendar.

From Argentina, the LITORAL team is the winner of the Grant’s Program run by ARWS South America.  Teams sent videos to a judging panel, and this team won a free entry to 2 regional rounds in the circuit.  Captain Ariel Ferreira has been coaching kids in Lobo’s local paddling school and this weekend will participate with rookies 19 years old Evelyn, and 16 years old twins Bruno and Jeremias.

“I’ll let them do all the navigation and I’ll just make sure they stay safe, have fun and gain experience.” said Ariel.

Also, the best teams of the Uruguayan Association will come to the XC Adventure race on Saturday afternoon, at the headquarters in Mon Petit Hotel near the town of Rosario,to score some national points in the Uruguayan calendar (AUCA).  The Uruguay Expedition Team and Sin Vergüenza are fighting for the championship title with just 2 races to go!

There will be lots of updates on the ARWS South America pages next weekend as the fourth team to qualify for the  South America Championship in Paraguay early next year is about to join Ansilta Cordoba/San Juan (XK Race), Team Brazil Multisport (Desafio Ecotrail) and Cuatro Vientos (Huairasinchi Adventure).

The race starts at 11pm on Saturday and will finish at 4pm on Sunday.

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