The End is Nigh – EA2018

Preparations for the Expedition Africa 2018’s closing ceremony is in full swing, whilst the remaining 14 teams of the 52 make their way to the finish line at Letsatsi Lodge. Over the past 24 hours, 38 teams have completed this year’s gruelling 560km course, all bearing smiling faces as they crossed the finish line. 

In 2017, race organiser; Heidi Muller created the #itsallaboutlove brand, one that flows through every aspect of the plans and preparations that have gone into creating Expedition Africa. The incredible fact is that adventure racing has truly become a love story, showcasing passion, love, torment, admiration, trust and a dedication to the sport itself. Physical, emotional and mental challenges are all obstacles teams may face when racing as one. “You may go fast as one, but you will go further as a team” shares Expedition Africa Photo Director, Bruce Viaene; a sentiment that motivates recurring entries into an event like Expedition Africa.

A unique friendship is created amongst four people when taking on the challenge of racing as a unit, especially when the task is to complete a 560km course by navigating multiple cycling, paddling and trekking legs in 7 consecutive days, with minimal sleep. 

Whilst the final teams mission to conclude their Expedition Africa journey, finishers have congregated around Letsatsi Lodge throughout the day, sharing war stories and experiences of the race they’ve all just completed. Fires, music, wine, beers and lawn loungers have added to this ‘rustig’ and vibrant atmosphere as families and friends get ready to welcome these remaining 14 teams ‘home’

Expedition Africa 2018 will officially come to close tomorrow evening at Die Keldery: Namaqua Wines in Vredendaal, when all 52 teams wave their country’s flag high, and are awarded for their achievements in tackling such a race. Rankings will vary, featuring ‘Full Teams’ who have completed the 560km course and collected every checkpoint, ‘Missed Checkpoints’, and ‘Partial Teams’ who have crossed the finish line with less than the four members the teams started with. At this point, 38 of the 52 teams are ranked in the ‘Full Team’ category of finishers. 

Congratulations are awarded to Russian team; Blizzard for their brilliant efforts in claiming this year’s winning title and will now represent their country at the Adventure Racing World Championships later this year. The team have won their entry into this esteemed event, which will take place on Reunion Island from the 5th – 16th November 2018. 

The show is not over folks… monitor the final hours via , show your support,  send in your messages as Expedition Africa’s real champions race their final legs. These remaining 14 teams have journeyed for the longest and pushed their bodies to no end… and so, the end is nigh. 

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Released 26 May 2018 by Trystan Viaene, Kinetic Events

Photo Bruce Viaene

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