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Raid In France – Medal Share

400 Team Naturex and Gravelibes Tri- DSN 74 Scott Hoka (25) share the silver medal of this Raid in France in Ardèche. Gravelines started the last MTB bike session at AT11/CP29 4 minutes ahead of 400 Team Naturex. Then, a chase to Cheylard camping began until an arrival at the same time at AT12/CP30. In the meantime, the puncture of tyre of Sandrine Béranger revived the race. In the previous trek, with a certain sense of purpose or even anticipation, Julien Moncomble made calculations to estimate the speed of progress to adopt in order to catch up the lateness. The two teams finish this Raid in France in 97 hours and 10 minutes after agreed to cross the finish line together during the sailing boat session. « This race is really « back to nature », said Rémi Ledez (Gravelines). In 4 days, we passed through 5 villages and only one shop was opened. The Ardèche department is a wonderful one, I didn’t know it before. The land full of ridges, gorges and forests is fantastic. »

Fairplay, Adrien Lhermet (4) greeted the victory of Lozère Sport Nature « they were better than us physically, especially Wednesday when we had many ups and downs.

Image Raid In France – ©Raynal


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