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Adventure Racing World Rankings – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which races can a team earn points at?

A. AR World Rankings are awarded to a team entity, not individuals. A team can earn AR World Ranking points at any race that is either a Qualifier race of the AR World Series, or the AR World Championship race, as advertised on www.arworldseries.com


Q2. Which teams can earn points at ARWS races, and how many points do they earn?

A. All teams of four that have a ranked finish at an ARWS Qualifier, in the Premier Mixed category, as per the official race results, are awarded Placing Points (PP). The values are as follows: 1st=100 points, 2nd=85 points, 3rd=73 points, 4th=63 points, 5th=55 points, 6th=50 points, 7th=45 points, 8th=40 points, 9th=35 points, 10th=30 points, 11th=28 points, 12th=26 points, 13th=24 points, 14th=22 points, 15th=20 points, 16th=18 points, 17th=16 points, 18th=14 points, 19th=12 points, 20-24th= 10 points, 25-29th=9 points, 30-34th= 8 points, 35-39th=7 points, 40-44th= 6 points, 45-49th=5 points, 50-54th= 4 points, 55-59th=3 points, 60-64th= 2 points, 65+ all =1 point.

1 Point is awarded to any team who starts the race and either finishes Unranked or Withdraws.

Note: The Placing Points may be further adjusted depending on the Competition Status of the race in which they were earned. See next questions.


Q3. What is Competition Status?

A. Competition Status is a method used by the AR World Series to give greater weighting to those events that have a higher level of competition. Currently each Qualifier has a Competition Status of one (1), meaning a team winning one Qualifier receives equal points to a team winning another Qualifier. That is, winning a Qualifier is worth 100 points, and the team receives 100 x 1 = 100 points.

The annual AR World Championship has a significantly stronger field and therefore is allocated a Competition Status of two and a half times (2.5x). This means a team who wins the AR World Championship, receives 2.5 times the points of a team winning a Qualifier. That is, 100 points for winning, multiplied by 2.5 equals 250 points.

Placing Points multiplied by the Competition Status gives a teams total Qualifier Points (QP).


Q4. Is there a minimum or maximum number of ARWS races a team must compete in to receive an AR World Ranking?

A. To receive an official AR World Ranking, a team must compete in a minimum of one ARWS race. Points earned by a team may have been awarded in any of the previous 6 ranking cycles (approximately two years).

To ensure the rankings reflect the quality of teams, the maximum number of Qualifier Points that count towards the AR World Rankings total is capped at four (4) over the previous six ranking cycles. This helps ensure the best teams are ranked highest, not necessarily those teams who attend the most races.

There is no restriction on when a team may earn their Qualifier Points during the previous 6 ranking cycles. Teams may earn points multiple times in each cycle, or earn no points in a cycle. All that is calculated are the Qualifier Points earned (up to maximum of best four results).


Q5. What is the formula used to calculate a team’s total AR World Ranking Points?

A. The total points a team may earn at an eligible race of the AR World Series are called QP (Qualifier Points). The QP are calculated by the Placing Points (PP) a team receives determined by their finishing position multiplied by the Competition Status of the race.

QP (Qualifier Points) = PP (Placing Points) x CS (Competition Status)

WRP (World Ranking Points) = sum of up to the 4 highest scored QP (Qualifier Points)

AR World Series Ranking is descending sort of WRP.


Q6. When are AR World Ranking points updated?

A. At the beginning of each new ranking cycle, the AR World Rankings are updated. The ranking cycle release dates are adjusted to ensure a spread of races in each cycle. The duration of each cycle is approximately 3-6 months. Generally a ranking cycle is scheduled for release soon after the AR World Championship, then two more times prior to the next AR World Championship. Updated details on the release schedule are published on the rankings page.

Points are calculated using results from the previous 6 ranking cycles which normally includes the two previous AR World Championship races.

Teams maintain their AR World Ranking for the duration of a Ranking Cycle. Rankings are NOT updated after every individual race, only at the beginning of a new Ranking Cycle. Therefore, if a team is ranked number 1, they maintain that ranking through that cycle, regardless of points they do or do not earn. Only at the start of a new cycles are rankings updated.

When the new rankings are calculated, if a team is already on the AR World Rankings, their points are adjusted up to account for new results in the current cycle, but also down if they had any results in the 6th cycle past. This way a team’s ranking “rolls” through each cycle giving an indication of the competitiveness based on approximately two years of results.


Q7. What are the rules on team member substitutions?

A. AR World Rankings are awarded to a team entity, not individual team members. Teams may substitute members with a team roster containing a maximum of 7 members.

If the 7 member limit is exceeded, then only the highest scoring Qualifier Points containing 7 or less members of a team roster are scored. A team may also elect in writing to the AR World Series to have the points from a specific race invalidated where they have exceeded the 7 member limit.

Ranking Cycle

ARWS Race (1)

Team members of Team Green

Team members of Team Red

Team members of Team Blue

1 Africa A, B, C, D (100 points) J, K, L, M (85 points)
2 Australia Z, Y, X, W (85 points)
3 Ecuador A, B, E, F (55 points) J, N, O, P (100 points)
4 Africa A, C, D, G (73 points) Z, T, U, V (63 points)
4 United Kingdom J, N, O, P (100 points) Z, T, U, V (73 points)
5 Brazil Z, S, T, U** (100 points)
6 Ecuador A, B, C, D (100 points) N, O, P, Q * (35 points)
6 Spain

All points for Team Green are valid.

(1) demonstrating that there is normally more than one race in each ranking cycle.

* Team Red has exceeded the roster limit of 7. The 100 points from this race are invalid and not counted towards the AR World Ranking of Team Red

** In this example the team roster for Team Blue has exceeded 7 members. However, the races that would give the highest total World Ranking Points would include the Africa, UK and Ecuador races and members Z, T, U, V, S. Therefore, the points from the Australia race would not be included.


Q8. Does my team need to register to receive points?

A. No, each race organisation that teams can earn points from, forwards their official results to the ARWS who then compile the rankings. It is the responsibility of teams to ensure they provide accurate information to the races they are competing in prior to the start of that race.


Q9. Can my team name be changed?

A. Yes, if your team wants to change it’s name (or update sponsor titles), and your roster of members continues to meet the team roster rules, then name changes are permitted. Your team name as reflected in the AR World Rankings is drawn from the official race results which are submitted to the ARWS. To change your team name, you must earn Qualifier Points at an eligible ARWS race using your new team name. The official results submitted to the ARWS with your new team name will trigger the update of your name in the AR World Rankings. Your team name will not be changed on the AR World Rankings at any other time, or by any other process.


Q10. My team has just earned points at an ARWS race, but the website doesn’t show this?

A. Rankings are NOT updated after every individual race, only at the beginning of a new Ranking Cycle. The official AR World Rankings are the only source of ranking and these are only updated at the beginning of each Ranking Cycle. No alternate calculations are permitted after individual races and team are not permitted to advertise any ranking that is not the official AR World Rankings.


Q11. What if there is an error in the points my team has been allocated?

A. Any errors or omissions must be submitted via email to info@arworldseries.com within 7 days of the release of the AR World Rankings to be updated for the current cycle. Any errors of omissions received after 7 days will be updated on the next ranking cycle release.