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Adventure Racing World Rankings

The AR World Rankings are a ranking order of the worlds best adventure racing teams based on their 4 best results over the previous two years of AR World Series events.

Teams at each Qualifier race are awarded AR World Ranking Points based on their finishing position. Teams at the annual AR World Championship are awarded points, which are more heavily weighted to reflect the increased competition level at the annual championship race.


AR World Ranking Top 20 Teams


Current AR World Rankings cycle detailed data including all ranked teams – September 2017 AR World Series Rankings Cycle 23

Next AR World Rankings Released

AR World Rankings are calculated and released on a ongoing cycle of approximately 4-6 months. A ranked team maintains their AR World Ranking for the duration of the ranking cycle. At the end of a cycle, rankings are re-calculated using the current cycles results, and the new AR World Rankings are released.

Release Schedule – end May 2018 (includes Maya Mountain, XPD, Expedicion Guarani, Expedition Africa), September 2018 (includes XTrail Expedition, Huairasinchi, Nordic Islands AR, Shenandoah Tough), December 2018 (includes ARWC 2018 Reunion Island).


AR World Rankings – FAQ

For frequently asked questions on the AR World Rankings please visit the FAQ page