Raid In France Victory

Raid in France Winners – via Raid In France Live Site

Lozère Sport Nature (15) wins this 9th edition of Raid in France. Fanny Fréchinet, Benjamin Monier, Nicolas Rambier and Maxime Brajon crossed the finish line, on Devesset lake, at 10:52 pm after 94 hours and 52 minutes of constant progress. Since their departure, Monday at 00:00 am, they crossed 439 kilometers through the Ardèche department: 218 in MTB bike, 119 in trek, 101 in kayak and 1 in sailing boat. The team wins his place for the AR World Championship which will take place in August in United States.Loyal to Raid in France, this is the first time that the team has this make-up.

Fanny Fréchinet and Nicolas Rambier, winners of the ARWS Raid Tierra Viva 2016 in Chili, add a victory to their name. Maxime Brajon done its first long raid.

Image Raid In France – ©Raynal


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