Expedición Guaraní



NAME: Expedición Guaraní (AR World Championship 2022)
WEBSITE: www.expedicionguarani.com /
DATES: 15 – 25 September 2022
COUNTRY: Paraguay
REGION: Iguazu Falls
DISCIPLINES: Mountain Bike, Trail Run/ trek, River Kayak, Ropes, Navigation
DISTANCE: 550 km
WINNING TIME: 4 days (96 hours)
COURSE OPEN: 6 days (168 hours)
CATEGORIES: ARWS Mixed Teams 4 (Long and Short)
TEAM LIMIT: 100 Teams
LOGISTICS: Unsupported
WATERCRAFT: Kayaks provided
MANDATORY EQUIPMENT: YES – uses the ARWS standard list
RULES: YES – uses the ARWS standard rules
QUALIFIER: 1st Place receives free entry to following ARWC
PRIZE MONEY: $50,000 USD (Distributed among the first teams, the first Young team and the first Veteran team in Long course)
OTHER PRIZES: Sponsor products
ENTRY FEE: Early – until 31 January  $4,500 USD, Standard – from 1 February $5,200 USD

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