Paradise To Wolves – Raid Gallaecia 2017 Spain Live

The first 24 hours has just passed and the teams are starting to make their intentions clear on how they are going to take on this race. It would appear either, no one is going to make an all out effort to break the field, or they are all pushing hard and this is starting to show with irregular “carriages on the train”. We started with a nicely bunched field which stayed as a bunch the first 11k first trek then stretched a bit over stage two, a 48 k paddle on what appeared perfect conditions. After 8 hours of racing only 9k separated the sprinters from the stayers. I would say that is a bit more bunched than normal! After 24hours still only 40k separation from the lead to the tail but the packs are now showing their positions.

At first glanced you might say this is due to the layout of the course, a paddle in good conditions and then trek to slow down the front field. However it may also be that the field is more stacked with highly skilled athletes than a deck of cards touching the ceiling. I know many towards the back of the field as superb athletes, tough and resilient. The front teams simply then elite.

Examining the field right now we have at least 10 teams in contention at the front. They seem to be changing places regularly and all within 5miles of each other. Estonian Ace Adventure “drifted” to take the lead into the trek leg but then lost it to
Team FMR, then took it back. What is going on out there? Both within 1 mile of each other. A dominant team is not yet apparent and with daylight now upon us we will need to keep a close eye on the next section. There are so many good teams holding the top 10 positions all are a chance.

Currently most teams are in a stage named ” Stage 3 Trek – Into the “As Fragas do Eume” heart.
“A mythological place full of incredible little corners”.

But then Stage 4 – “Night Between Wolves” – a 58 MTB Even in all the languages of the World AR Series – this doesn’t sound good.
This may be tomorrow’s story. We wish them well.

Even in the time it took to write this story the race leaders has changed again. Paradise for some and not for others maybe. Click Here to check the live tracking to have any chance to stay with the action. I’m loving this race.

I would urge you all to check out the amazing live site and the live tracking. So many little nuances to discover distance, messages, different map layouts, super images, videos and much more. Raid Gallaecia is putting on a spectacular race.


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