Posted on: 19 June 2023

Pocket Gopher Challenges in ARWS North America

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Gear up for next ARWS North America Regional Series

Adventure racers and outdoor enthusiasts, Howling Adventurer LLC is hosting the Pocket Gopher Challenges (5/12/18hr races) on 15 July 2023 in Houston MN for their third year. This year Pocket Gopher Challenges is thrilled to announce that they are part of the ARWS North America Regional Series! The PGC also has 800.00 in cash prizes spread out amongst the races. There is still time to register for this amazing race but don’t delay, time is running out.

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John Harris, Race Director and CEO of Howling Adventurer LLC says "I started the Pocket Gopher Challenges (PGC) in 2021 because I wanted to bring back ‘old style’ adventure racing. I saw too many races being segmented into bike, hike, and paddle, with the racers having almost no ability to make decisions on route choice”. This year PGC will challenge racers in every way possible. Racers will have to know how to use a map and compass to land nav, how to use terrain association to orienteer, and how to plot points among other skills. Racers will have the ability to select multiple routes based on the skill of their team. One team may choose to take bikes to a checkpoint and another to hike. Teams will also have to solve clues to find checkpoints and think on their feet after little to no rest. Teams will do all of this while taking in the unique scenery of southern MN.

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“Every year I strive to make the PGC unique and different, and this year’s race is definitely that “stated John Harris “Think adventure racing meets the Amazing Race. I remember when I first started the PGC in 2021 people thought I was crazy and I was so small I wasn’t sure anyone would show up but adventure racers did and I believe they keep coming back because they know the PGC always offers something new and different” This year the PGC is also proud to be partnered with ARWS and has a newly redesigned finish line and additional swag thanks to the new sponsorship of Squirt.

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“Adventure racers are the heart and soul of adventure racing, and they are why I strive to make each course better than the last” said John. “I know each team has to choose which races they want to race, and I am truly humbled that they choose to race the PGC, and I want to thank each and every one of them. Race hard and I will see you on the high ground!”

227117641 130661702554479 5224181726030545336 NFor more details Contact: John Harris, Race Director PGC




Millions of years ago glaciers carved beautiful valleys and steep dropping ridgelines throughout southern Minnesota (MN), USA

14 Jul - 15 Jul 2023 (Past Race)
130-150km | 100-120km
Course Open
solo, 2, 3, 4 person
200 people