New AR World Series Race Starts in Croatia

For the first time the AR World Series is visiting Croatia with a new Demonstration race called the Adventure Race Croatia.

20 teams from 10 different countries started from the statue of Grgur Ninski at 8pm local time last night after receiving their maps at the “Lock Down” a few hours earlier.  Leg 1 was a short 4km run around the historic town of Zin in the Zadar County of Croatia including a checkpoint at a 17th century church.  Getting into the race proper, leg 2 was a 30km ocean kayak including a Checkpoint on a bridge requiring team to abseil back down into their waiting kayaks.  

The race is planned at 340km in length and Race Director Igor Dorotic said “Winners are expected to take around 50 hours to complete the 17 legs of kayaking, trail running and mountain biking.  There are two short course options and the teams have a total of 72 hours to complete the race.”

As teams begin the 3rd leg of the race, it is Intersport Slovenia AR Team and and who are taking an early lead.  

Following in 3rd position is Kolmarden Adventures from Sweden.  As they finished the leg 2 ocean paddle under the cover of darkness in the small town of Seline, Magnus Blomgren, said “the paddle was quite nice, it was the first time on the mediterranean for me, no wind, beautiful night.”  

Flying the Croatia flag is the only local team, Space Goats Ciklus Team, who are racing in the middle of the field.  

Race Director Igor Dorotic is well known to the AR World Series being a senior referee including officiating at last years AR World Championship.  He has organised many adventure events in Croatia, however this is the first AR World Series race he has organised.  He has brought a great team together and is enthusiastic about bringing the sport of adventure racing to his country.  

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Released 20 September 2018 written by Craig Bycroft, Adventure Racing World Series

Photo Adventure Race Croatia

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