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Naturex Hold Strong

French team Naturex relented and held off in their battle for the win with Team FMR. What a final titanic struggle it was between these two. The last 24 hours neck to neck. Naturex had a few early stumbles on early in this face off but once the line was “in sight” the maintained and dug deep into their final reserves buoyed on by the energy giving opportunity of victory. A sensational race they had. Under heavy pressure from FMR all the way but showing strength and spirit in themselves they held on.  FMR finished next and showed they have all the skills to be regular contenders.
Teams In So Far
  1. France Naturex 3d. 09h 29m
  2. France Team FMR 3d. 10h 14m
  3. Estonian ACE Adventure 3d. 16h 10m
  4. Czech BlackHILL / OpavaNET  3d. 21h 11m
  5. Spain VK BIKES  3d. 21h 28m
Its true to say the conditions without must sunshine was extremely difficult over the full race distance. A day or two is ok but the majority of this race has been under testing conditions which wear the teams down – a bit raining, a bit cold, some swims to ensure you are cold but a beautiful place to compete in. This surely must have helped keep their spirits up.
The Estonians after holding the lead for quite a period were over taken a day out but they did not give up. They held that position all the way to the finish and this race has continued their success after a top 5 in the last World Champs. I have a belief we will see more of this team before the world champs in Wyoming is over.
Czech team BlackHILL / OpavaNET held off local team VK Bikes by the slimmest of margins. Just 17 minutes. I was really impressed by both these teams. The Czech team got their spot and doggedly held onto it. The Spanish moved through the field and pressed hard right to the finish. That is difficult to do. TO make use of their desire to do well and overcome fatigue, cold, harsh vegetation and keep closing the gap to the end. Well done.
Whilst the frontrunners are in, sleeping eating and some drinking beer no doubt celebrating the adventure with many stories the race for the rest of the field remains strong.   South Africa Cyanosis Adventure Racing and Sweden Sweco Adventure Team are in another dogfight. I have to think a bit of spark may be out of the South Africans off  the back of a great victory recently in Expedicion Guarani Paraguay. It takes quite a while to recover from the stresses these teams put themselves through. However, we all know how tough the South African teams are. How this will finish I’m not sure but both have done what they came here for, and that is to see beautiful countryside, challenge themselves once again, use their great mental strength and in the end the feeling of accomplishment and enjoyment is strong in their faces.
Hanging on their back is another local team Spain Tracktherace.com Team. They had a great start but some mid race difficulties but have now bounced back! That’s strong mental strength to keep fighting on. For me always much better for most to continue on. But each team and their competitors have differing goals. Some the win or nothing and other continue on at all costs.
Keep yourself glued on the remainder of the race via the Raid Gallaecia site – they are adding some brilliant images and the stories continue to flow in as the battle for places continues.
This was another “BIG” race following Ecuador last week and within a few days Expedition Africa blasts off. Just how good does adventure racing get right now.
We will keep you up with all the action and where to best view it online.

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