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Make Or Break Day Tomorrow For Teams at the AR World Championship

Loosing mere minutes may have devastating consequences tomorrow.

After an epic first leg of 106kms of mountain hiking and nearly 8000m of elevation gain, top teams are preparing for a sprint tomorrow. They must beat a second dark zone if they hope to remain in the top bunch and in the running for a podium.

In something unusual for Adventure Racing, currently, all of the top teams have been caught by a dark zone and are going to get a good nights sleep at TA1. This dark zone is in place as it is too dangerous to continue onto the next leg in the dark. To start of the leg requires a committing 50m abseil down the waterfall Bassin des Aigrettes and into the canyon of the Bras des Liannes which they follow to the river du Mât. Teams then paddle down the river du Mât to reach the ocean, hike up the bed of the river des Roches and the pack raft down the river des Marsouins.

The concern for teams is that all rivers are dark zones and the entire leg is estimated to take 14hrs and 15min. Teams are able to race on the rivers between 0515 and 1900. This only gives them 13hrs and 45min to finish this section. The race is going to be on. Anyone who doesn’t make it through, will need to wait out the dark hours on the edge of the river des Marsouins, meaning they will be close to 11 hours behind anyone who makes it through.

It is going to be a very exciting day for dot watching and we will do our best to bring it to live. Tune into live.arworldseires.com to watch the live tracking and https://www.facebook.com/arworldseries for our live feeds and video. It is going to be exciting to watch…..

How to watch the action at the AR World Championship 2018

  1. Live tracking at: http://live.arworldseries.com/arwc18/ will keep you up to date with exactly where teams are during the race.  The site also has extensive photos, videos, leaderboard and reports. Become a #dotwatcher !!!!
  2. Live Streaming Tune in on https://www.facebook.com/arworldseries for the start at on 8th November and the winners around the 12th November (disclaimer! it is a remote island in the Indian ocean and internet access could be challenging!)  Other live streaming throughout the race so keep checking back.
  3. Facebook coverage through https://www.facebook.com/arworldseries and https://www.facebook.com/raidinfranceofficial/ Lend your support and encourage teams on this epic journey.
  4. Instagram follow us on instagram https://www.instagram.com/arworldseries/ and https://www.instagram.com/raidinfrance/ Let us know if you love the grit and determination displayed by these world class athletes.
  5. News Stories AR World series news stories are released on https://arworldseries.com/  and http://www.raidinfrance.com/en/ A Great way to catch up on the overall progress of the race.
  6. Hashtags search for interesting news and stories with the following hashtags #arwc2018 and #arworlderies

Released 9 November 2018, Adventure Racing World Series

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