Life Threatening Flash Flood Warnings Day One – Huairasinchi Ecuador 2017

24 Hours in – Rain – Life Threatening Flash Flood Warnings – 7 degrees C – 3200 m elevation gain and fall – 2800 m to 3990 m – altitude – all on a 62klm trek. These are the pertinent metrics of day one.

The day commenced benign enough with a 3am bus ride from the capital Quito to the town of Zuleta – altitude 2800m. This would be the start and also the first transition area with the 62klm trek being a loop. On paper navigationally it seemed reasonably achievable with what appeared to be one main track. However throw in some rain, cold and darkness and the promising good start by all the field has turned into a tough ordeal for many. They say this area high in the Andes predicts rain every day and today was no exception.

As always when the going gets tough, the top teams will always shine – no matter what the weather or conditions. Today though has shown the locals have excelled.

After 24 hours 4 teams have successfully completed the arduous trek. The first three teams all from Ecuador. Young guns Terra Aventura – Finalin, followed by the longstanding leaders in AR Ecuador Movistar Ecuador then Life Adventure Team. Interestingly during the leg many teams have shown on the tracking as surging to the front including the Argentina’s San Juan Aventura 1, Columbians Seti 1 Colombia and the USA’s BendRacing/YogaSlackers. It will be great to know exactly what happened out there last night. A certainty is that it wasn’t easy with many teams taking shelter it appears.

To come,  a series of shorter legs before a substantial 88klm MTB. As with nearly all the legs in this race hills will be involved. The bonus for teams is that warmer temperatures to 23 c will be their reward for getting off the mountain trek.

Follow all the live action here LIVE SITE/Pics/Route/News and more

PS Latest news – Retired International Teams:
#13: Afterwork Athletes (GRB)
#16: San Juan Adventure (Arg)

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