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Life Adventure Team, Adventure Racing World Series, and Proyecto Aventura

Life Adventure Team, Adventure Racing World Series, and Proyecto Aventura 

Press Release

Life Adventure Team (“LAT”), whose members are Gonzalo Calisto, Francisco Pinto, Juan José Calisto and Victoria Calero, raced Huairasinchi 2017, (“Huairasinchi” or the “Race”), which is a member of the Adventure Racing World Series (“ARWS”) and organized by Proyecto Aventura. Proyecto Aventura and ARWS, wish to clarify certain issues concerning LAT’s participation in the Race.

Adventure Sports, such as Huairasinchi, are growing sports, continually sculpted and improved by organizers and athletes. In the situation that led to the disqualification of LAT from Huairasinchi, Life Adventure Team, ARWS, and Proyecto Aventura had different interpretations of ARWS’ Rules.  Regardless of these interpretations, Life Adventure Team, ARWS and Proyecto Aventura wish to make a joint clarifying statement as follows:

  • A sanction was imposed by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) on Gonzalo Calisto, for the use of prohibited substances in violation to IAAF Rules.  The sanction was in force at the time of Huairasinchi. ARWS Rules at that time did not expressly address sanctions by other sports. The sanction was not imposed by Proyecto Aventura or ARWS, and was not related to any event organized by Proyecto Aventura or ARWS.
  • LAT recognizes that it accepted general terms and conditions in Huairasinchi’s registration form acknowledging ARWS’ full authority to apply its Rules. ARWS Judging Panel decided to disqualify Team LAT for allegedly violating Rules 8 and 9 of ARWS rules, to which Team LAT disagreed.
  • ARWS and Proyecto Aventura declare that they did not test any of Huairasinchi’s participants for the consumption of prohibited substances, including team LAT.
  • ARWS and Proyecto Aventura wish to make clear that LAT was not disqualified as a result of an express test finding that any of LAT members consumed prohibited substances. In this instance the ARWS Judging Panel made an interpretation of Rule 9 of ARWS Rules.
  • ARWS clarify that LAT’s disqualification was based on the IAAF sanction.  The interpretation of misconduct under Rule 8 was on the basis of this sanction and not in reference to any specific unsportsmanlike behavior of the team members during their participation in the Huairasinchi race.
  • ARWS and Proyecto Aventura are aware of the importance of fair play in both, amateur and professional circuits and the need for clear and fair rules for all participants. Team LAT members are committed and responsible athletes fully aware of the importance of these elements.
  • Bearing this in mind, the three parties in their own and specific grounds will continue to work towards professionalization of Adventure Sports, building of awareness on the use of prohibited substances, and fair application of sports rules.
  • ARWS and Proyecto Aventura wish to apologize to all participants in the Huairasinchi, in particular team LAT, for any confusion that may have been caused by ARWS’ Judging Panel’s interpretation of the rules.


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