Huairasinchi Movistar 2018

Proyecto Aventura will be organising the 15th edition of “HUAIRASINCHI” Movistar 2018 from the 21-25th July and welcomes you to the oldest adventure race in Ecuador. It is the adventure race with the most number of editions in the world. For the first time it will be held around the beautiful town “Baños de Agua Santa”, Tungurahua province.

HUAIRASINCHI will start Friday July 20th and includes international teams from Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, New Zealand, France, United Kingdom, United States. 

The competition schedule begins with the arrival of all 32 teams and registration in the Municipal Coliseum, Saturday 21st. The opening ceremony and briefing will be held in the Town Hall where teams will learn the route they must complete.   

The start of the race will be at 07:30 am, Sunday 22nd of July.  Teams will be transported from Baños to the starting point at 04:30 am.  

The 20 ARWS teams will have to complete 317 kms in less than 4 days. In summary the race will have stages that include: 1st stage; 45kms kayak. 2nd stage; 127kms Mountain bike. 3rd stage; 27kms trekking. 4th stage: 22kms MTB. 5th stage; 42kms trekking. 6th stage; 35kms Mtb, and for the 7th and final stage; 19kms trekking. 

Teams in the Adventure category, 12 in total, will have to complete approximately  144 kms in 3 days. Stages will be as follows: 1st day: 45kms kayak. 2nd day: 27kms trekking and 22kms MTB. For the 3rd and last day: 35kms MTB and 19kms trekking. 

The closing and award ceremony will be held at Hotel Sangay, in Baños, on Wednesday July 25th. Adventure category will go first at 12:00, closing with the Elite category at 18:00. 

Comunication: Patricio Vélez



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