How to Follow the 2022 Adventure Racing World Championship in Paraguay

There is extensive media coverage of the 2022 Adventure Racing World Championship and live online tracking so you can follow all of your favourite teams and keep up with the race news.

The place to follow the tracking is and this is now live.

You can choose which maps to view (satellite, Google or the race maps) and select teams by clicking them on and off in the team list.  Be warned, watching the dots can become obsessive and take over your life!  You can also use the slider at the foot of the maps to replay where teams have been while you were not watching, and see more information about them and a track of their route.

There are photos, videos, commentary and stories on both the Expedicion Guarani and Adventure Racing World Series social media pages and there are already hundreds of posts, stories and reels to see.

AR World Series has regular features on the race and if you sign up to the newsletter they will be emailed to you as soon as they are published.

Expedicion Guarani

You can also follow commentary on the race on – the Adventure Racing Website, and some teams have their own media at the race, including Team East Wind, Estonian ACE Adventure La Sportiva and the Swedish Armed Forces Adventure Team, and they will post news of their teams to their social media pages.

Immerse yourself in the Adventure Racing World Championship in Paraguay this week and we’ll take you an incredible journey with the teams!







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