How Do I Get To Reunion Island? Adventure Racing World Championships 2018

After the success of Wyoming and the lure of an exotic ARWC in Reunion, everyone has been asking, how do you get an entry?

To answer this question and allow teams to time to plan, the qualification system has had a shake up. In 2018 there will be 70 spots available and that will be distributed using the following criteria.


QUALIFIER WINNER – Winners of each AR World Series Qualifier receive a guaranteed spot and free entry to that year’s AR World Championship. * (for Reunion Island this will be 10 spots)

WORLD RANKING TEAM ENTRY – Half of the remaining available entries are opened in February to teams with an AR World Ranking for a discounted price. If more teams register for these entries than there are spots available, then the teams with the highest rankings are chosen to fill these spots. ** (for Reunion Island this will be 30 spots @ 4500 Euros per team entry)

WILD CARD ENTRY – The remaining entries are opened in late February as Wild Card spots to any team on first in basis. If a team missed out on a WORLD RANKING TEAM ENTRY they may try for these spots. Any WORLD RANKING TEAM ENTRY that was not filled will become available as a WILD CARD ENTRY. The entry fee is 5000 Euros per team.

SPECIAL INTEREST TEAMS – can apply separately to the above through emailing the organisation directly at

* Qualifier wining entries may not be passed down to another team if the winning team does not race at the ARWC. If a Qualifier winner has already paid for an entry fee through the WORLD RANKING TEAM ENTRY or WILD CARD ENTRY they they will be refunded this fee. Qualifier winners must race the AR World Championship with a minimum of two members of the team who won entry.

**A teams AR World Ranking is based on their ranking on the day entries are opened. Teams chosen for a WORLD RANKING TEAM ENTRY have 5 days to make full payment of entry fees to the organiser. If they fail to do so, they forfeit this spot and it is passed to another team. Teams who forfeit or miss out on a WORLD RANKING TEAM ENTRY and then obtain a WILD CARD must pay the full Wild Card entry fee.

Full details are available at

Good luck to all teams and we look forward to seeing everyone at this spectacular race!

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