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Four New Demonstration Races Hitting the ARWS Calendar in 2018

(Photo: Masato Tanaka, Race Director Adventure Race Japan)

For release 3 November 2017

Four new Demonstration Races from the USA, Japan, Croatia, and Argentinian Patagonia will be included in the 2018 Adventure Racing World Series calendar.

AR World Series Director Louise Foulkes said “The really unique thing about all these demonstration races is that they are being hosted by some of the most experienced adventure racing athletes in the world, just check out their bios.  They will be races for the athletes, by the athletes.”

AR World Series Director Craig Bycroft said “We want to give our current ARWS athletes opportunities to race in some spectacular new locations.  Having said that, we also want to foster and develop new communities of athletes in these locations to feed into all the ARWS events”

Organisers of the new demonstration races will have the opportunity next year to show their credentials to the adventure racing community with their aim being to progress into full Qualifiers in 2019.

Teams participating in the demonstration races will receive AR World Ranking points at 30% of a full Qualifier race.  Winning teams will also receive a priority opportunity to enter the AR World Championship 2019.


Expedition Oregon (USA West Coast – May/June 2018)

Jason Magness will be the Race Director of this ARWS Demonstration event to be held from 30th May – 3 June 2018.  He has completed more than 100 adventure races and expeditions around the world.  He is known to many internationally as a member of the AR World Series team Bend Racing/YogaSlackers who have held a top 10 AR World Ranking for many years.

Jason Magness said “Our team discovered Bend during a mountain biking trip in 2010.  After one long ride of mind blowing single track, the core of the team decided to move there and take advantage of the amazing central Oregon terrain and climate. It was only natural that in time we’d want to share some of the magic with the international AR community, and we feel that being part of the ARWS is a perfect way to do that.  Our event company BendRacing has hosted over 20 adventure races in the area since 2011, ranging from 6 hours to 36.

Expedition Oregon will cover over 300km via packraft (whitewater), trekking, ropes, mountain biking, navigation, and a few surprises.

“Bend, and the surrounding areas of Central Oregon were made for adventure racing: volcanoes, caves, vast Lava beds, hundred of miles of singletrack trails, alpine lakes, countless white water rivers, world class climbing and abundant wildlife.  Add to that a moderate climate, lots of sunshine, nearly 40 microbreweries, and an outdoor adventure infrastructure second to none – this is an ideal place to host an ARWS event.  Trust us, you will not regret racing here.  Chances are you won’t want to leave.”



Adventure Race Japan (Japan – June 2018)

This Demonstration race is the first time an ARWS event has been hosted in Japan and athletes will explore the Nagano Prefecture from 13-17 June 2018.  Nagano is famous not only for hosting the Winter Olympics, but for it’s picturesque mountains, valleys and traditional Japanese culture.

The race is called Adventure Race Japan (ARJ) and will be a 250km course of rafting, navigation, trekking, mountain biking and ropes.  The race next year has been planned to coincide with 20th anniversary of adventure racing in Japan.

The organising team brings together a wealth of experience.  Masato Tanaka with be the Race Director and is one of the longest racing athletes in the AR World Series and captain of team East Wind.  Goshi Ozawa is the Course Manager, races internationally with Real Discovery and hosts a number of his own adventure racing events in Japan.  Aya Kubota is responsible for media, sponsorship and bringing all the elements of the organising team together.  She is seen with her cameras at ARWS events all over the globe and is one of the best adventure racing photographers in the sport.



Adventure Race Croatia (Croatia – September 2018)

Nestled on the Eastern side of the Adriatic Sea opposite Italy, Croatia is a country with a rich history and culture.  The country is crossed by the Dinaric Alps and claims over 1,000 islands alongs it’s coast.  The adventure racing opportunities are a hidden gem and will be uncovered by the ARWS next year.

Adventure Race Croatia will be a demonstration race of the AR World Series from 18-22 September 2018.  The 250-350km race over 3 days will include mountain biking, paddling, running, roping and navigation.

Igor Dorotic is the Race Director and over the last 10 years has competed in more than 80 adventure races and countless other orienteering, mountain bike and running events. He is also a senior ARWS Referee and performed these duties at the AR World Championship 2017.  Igor said “My passion was always adventure racing. I organised my first AR in 2008 and almost 10 years later I have 9 races behind me. Since my very first adventure race my dream has been to bring a big ARWS race to my home country of Croatia.”



Raid Del Viento ( Argentina Patagonia – October 2018)

The Raid Del Viento is scheduled from 4-7 October 2018 and will be set in the wilds of the Provincia de Neuquen in Northern Patagonia (Argentina).  Through their event company Sport Solutions, Daniel Pincu and Miriam Vicente are planning a non-stop 300km course of trekking, mountain biking, rafting, roping and snow shoe trekking.  The race motto is “Through the Summits of Patagonia” and will be focused on the famous mountain range, the Cordillera del Viento.

Daniel has been and adventure racer for the last 25 years and in that time has completed 20 AR World Series events.  Miriam is a physician by day and partners with Daniel to host some of the biggest trail running events in South America.  Daniel said “It has always been my dream to host a race of the AR World Series and now it is becoming a reality”.

The race is supported by Urtzi Iglesias (captain of team Columbia Vidaraid and currently ranked number 3 in the world) who will be developing the mapping and assisting with course development.



For more information on the AR World Series:

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Released 3 Nov 2017 by Craig Bycroft, Adventure Racing World Series

Headline Image – Chris Radcliffe

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