Cyanosis Breaks the Field

Course Manager Urtzi Inglesias warned teams that the 54km trek on Leg 4 could be the most difficult of the AR World Series Qualifying race, Expedición Guaraní, and his words were prophetic.

Through the first three legs of the race the field had raced relatively close to together and the top two teams, South Africa Cyanosis and Spain Euskat even started this leg 4 at the same time.  It was Cyanosis however who broke the field with exemplary navigation and a sustainable pace.

Clinton Mackintosh said “the heat is stifling and it is so hard to move, you just cant go any quicker and we still have a long way to go”.  They were obviously moving a lot quicker than the rest of the field completing the leg in 28 hours and putting an incredible 10 hour gap to the chase group.

CP27 and CP28 seemed to cause the most problems for teams and this can be seen to great effect in the track files.  The red dots represent the two CPs and the coloured lines show the routes taken by teams.  For reference, an easy checkpoint to navigate to would likely see one single band of lines moving through the control.

An outstanding performance by team Spain Raidaran Trangoworld on this leg has seen them move into second place of the entire race.  This is an incredible comeback as on the first leg they were unluckily allocated a defective kayak and finished the leg in second last position.  Since then they have consistently moved through the field and began Leg 4 in 6th position.

The Swedish team of Naturkompaniet Pioneers are one of two teams to be short coursed.  Illness and sunburn slowed them and they were no longer able to beat the cutoff to start the Leg 4 trek.

To see if Raidaran Trangoworld can close the gap to Cyanosis, head to to “Watch the Dots”.

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Released 8 Mar 2017 by Craig Bycroft, Adventure Racing World Series

Photos by Wladimir Togumi and Staffan Björklund


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