ARWC – Logistics

In the spirit of a true expedition teams are ‘unsupported’, forgoing the comfort and assistance of a support crew. They must meticulously plan all their equipment and sustenance before the race. They pre-pack these into a limited quantity of bags and boxes which are moved to various points on the course by the race organisers.


Each athlete must bring ONE (1) kit or duffle bag with a maximum volume of 120 litres and must not weigh more than 25kg when packed.


Each athlete must bring ONE (1) bike box made of fluted plastic and be no larger than 140cm X 80cm X 30cm (standard ARWS size).  Maximum weight 30kg when packed.


Each team must bring ONE (1) tubular paddle bag of ARWS standard dimensions 150cm long x 50cm diameter.  Maximum weight 30kg when packed.


Kayaks will be provided by the Race Organisation. Teams will ALSO need to bring their own pack rafts.  Maximum length TBC.  They must fit inside the team paddle bag.

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