ARWC – Entries


Winners of each AR World Series Qualifier receive a guaranteed spot and free entry to the next AR World Championship. *


Round 1 – 30 spots are opened on the 15th February for one week to any team with an AR World Ranking, for a discounted price of $5,500 USD per team. If more than 30 teams register on the 15th Feb, then the 30 teams with the highest rankings are chosen on that day to fill these spots. **


Round 2 – Wild card entries are opened for an additional 30 spots for one week to any team who chooses to enter on the 22nd – 28th of February at the special Wild Card rate of $6,000 USD per team.  These are allocated to teams on a first in basis.  Any WORLD RANKING TEAM ENTRY that was not filled will become available as a WILD CARD ENTRY.


Round 3 – Any entries remaining after the Wild Card period will become available to any team who chooses to enter from 1st March and close on 30 June.  General Entry rate is $6,500 USD per team.


Teams at the AR World Championship must include a minimum of THREE members of the same nationality. Competitors will prove their nationality at race registration by officials checking their passport is valid and issued by the country the team is representing. Competitors representing their country of residence, if different from their passport, must show suitable proof of residency. This rule is not applicable to the Qualifying rounds. Teams at the AR World Championship will represent one designated nation only, being the nationality of the majority of team members.

The format of a team name will be adapted at the AR World Championship to include firstly the name of the country the team is representing, and may then be followed by sponsor names, for example, team USA – Sponsor X. Multiple teams representing the same country are permitted.


* Qualifier winning entries may not be passed down to another team if the winning team does not race at the ARWC.  If a Qualifier winner has already paid an entry fee through the WORLD RANKING TEAM ENTRY or WILD CARD ENTRY or GENERAL ENTRY they will be refunded this fee. Qualifier winners must race the AR World Championship with a minimum of two members of the team who won entry.  In the situation that a winning team of a Qualifier already holds a free entry (e.g. from winning a different Qualifier race prior) then the free entry is passed to the next eligible team as if they were the winner.

**A teams AR World Ranking is based on their ranking on the day entries are opened.  Teams chosen for a WORLD RANKING TEAM ENTRY have 5 days to make full payment of entry fees to the organiser.  If they fail to do so, they forfeit this spot and it is passed to another team.  Teams must race with a minimum of two members of the team roster for the teams AR World Ranking.


The following are compulsory pre-requisites that teams/individuals must have before they will be permitted to compete in the event. It is up to you to ensure you fulfill the requirements below:

  • Each team member must have travel insurance covering medical costs including medical transportation for an injury sustained during a competitive event
  • A minimum of two members of the team must have at the time of the race a first aid qualification appropriate for the activities undertaken in the event or other appropriate and relevant training and/or experience in first aid (must be outlined at race registration). Senior first aid certificate with resuscitation is acceptable.
  • Agree to the conditions, declarations, and indemnifications outlined in the Acknowledgment Waiver and Release form and are willing to sign this at race registration.