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Adventure Racing World Series Announces Regional Circuits For 2020

Adventure Racing started with Raid Gauloises, a multi-day outdoor epic in extreme environments. Most sports start small and get bigger, longer, faster and harder over the years, but not adventure racing, that started with expedition racing, which is still the pinnacle of the sport. They are the races that get …

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AR World Series Offers Worldwide Adventure

There is nothing else quite like the Adventure Racing World Series (ARWS). It combines travel, adventure, camaraderie and competition in a yearlong sporting competition which seeks out bucket list destinations and on arrival takes the competing teams to hidden locations which tourists, and even the locals, never get to see. …

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AR World Rankings Released – December 2018

New Zealand Avaya are on top of the world holding a simultaneous AR World Number 1 ranking and the AR World Championship 2018 title.  This champion team secured victory at the recent AR World Championship on Reunion Island and with that, another cycle with the world’s top ranking.  Avaya have …

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AR World Rankings Released – October 2018

While New Zealand Avaya (formerly Seagate) and USA Adventure Medical Kits retain the top two positions, it is the rise of Estonian ACE Adventure and Sweden Haglöfs Silva, who have moved to equal 3rd ranking on 371 points, that is cause for excitement.   This is the first time Estonian …

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ARWS Rankings May 2018 – Foundations Laid

The current cycle of Adventure Racing World Rankings have now been released and the foundations are being laid for a new wave of top ranked teams to climb the ladder.  View the full rankings online at https://arworldseries.com/rankings/  These ranking include the recent results from the Maya Mountain Adventure Challenge, XPD …

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