Cowboy Tough

AR World Championships Headed to Wyoming

For the first time in its 16-year history the Adventure Racing World Championship (ARWC) will be held in the United States and hosted by the Cameco Cowboy Tough Expedition Race in Wyoming from August 10–16. Sixty teams from 20 countries will have 6 days to cover 450 miles of the …

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AMK Break the Deadlock But for How Long?


For almost two days there has been an intense battle at the 2016 Cameco Cowboy Tough between a group of five lead teams including USA Adventure Medical Kits (AMK), Canada Tecnu, Swedish Armed Forces, Brazil North Face and USA YogaSlackers. As the sun set on the second day of racing, …

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Bang! They’re Off – Cameco Cowboy Tough 2016

While in previous years Governor Mead of Wyoming has started the USA Qualifier with a real gun shot, an air horn was substituted for the 2016 race.  Being within the Casper city limits even the Governor isn’t permitted to shoot in public! The first 10 hours of racing, including a …

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