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Worlds Best Set Sights on Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has been a huge drawcard with teams from France, United Kingdom, South Africa, Czech Republic, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Ecuador, China, Japan, Ireland, Canada, Switzerland, Belgium and USA signing up for the AR World Championship 2019. In addition to the worlds best, there is an unprecedented …

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All Roads Lead to the Finish

Author : Rob Howard The last few days of bad weather on the Volcano have made the end of the race particularly hard for the teams at the back of the course.  All those I’ve spoken to have told me of the constant drenching rain and cold conditions, and the …

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Czech Republic and Estonia Take 4th and 5th

Author : Rob Howard The 4th team to cross the finish line at this year’s AR World Champs was ‘Black Hill Salomon Opava Net’ from the Czech Republic, finishing in a time of 132 hours 45 minutes.  They ran across the line at Village de Corail just after dark, holding …

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A Sprint Finish After 120 Hours of Racing

Author : Rob Howard You wouldn’t think it’s likely to have a sprint finish in an expedition adventure race, not after 5 days of brutal racing, on a 460km course, but it keeps happening, and it’s just happened again here at the AR World Champs on Reunion Island. Incredibly team …

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New Zealand Avaya – Champions Again!

Author : Rob Howard They said they were here to have fun and explore Reunion and that the result was secondary, that they had their doubts and were not confident, and expected to be caught at any time by the good teams chasing them. Yet, in the end, the result …

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