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The 2022 Adventure Racing World Series – What a Year!

The start of the 2022 AR World Championship in Paraguay

How do you sum up a year of the Adventure Racing World Series?   The diversity, scale and global span are hard to encompass as the Series grows each year.  The numbers provide a starting point, but they don’t tell the whole story. In 2022 there were 35 ARWS races, so …

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ARWS Asia 2023 Launches with 9 Races in 5 Countries

Adventure Racing in India with NthAdventure

For the past couple of years the dedicated organising teams from Adventure Race Malaysia and NthAdventure in India have been trailblazers in developing The Adventure Racing World Series Asia calendar.  Both are back in 2023 with more races (3 in India and 2 in Malaysia) and they are now joined …

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Adventure Racing World Series Rankings – Swedish Armed Forces Team Return to #1

Swedish Armed Forces Adventure Team at the finish of the 2022 AR World Champs

The latest update on the Adventure Racing World Series rankings has been published, with the addition of points won at the recent AR World Championship in Paraguay, and Regional championship races in Europe, Oceania and Africa.  In total, points were added from 14 races around the world in the latest …

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New Races and a World Championship in the ARWS Africa Series Sponsored by Merrell

Adventure racing in Africa is heading for new heights in 2023. The Adventure Racing World Championship will take place in the Eastern Cape next October, and with over 150 teams from 32 nations heading to the shores of South Africa 2023 will be a year of celebration for Adventure Racing …

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Teams from 33 Nations Enter the 2023 Adventure Racing World Championship in Africa

Expedition Africa Flag Parade at Cape St. Francis

“If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.”  That African proverb was quoted by Clinton Mackintosh of the veteran South African team Cyanosis AR, when asked how he felt about the Adventure Racing World Championships being hosted in South Africa next year.  …

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Interview with Endless Mountains Race Directors Abby Perkiss and Brent Freedland

Endless Mountains RD Abby Perkiss

The 2022 Endless Mountains Adventure Race introduced the Adventure Racing World Series to the little known and underappreciated PA Wilds, the remote and rugged wilderness that makes up some of the most undeveloped land on the east coast of the United States. This inaugural edition was the first of five …

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Team Chipesti Win the First Oceania Adventure Racing Title at Gold Coast

The first ever Oceania Adventure Racing Championship was held at Gold Coast and in the city’s hinterland hills and parks, and it delivered an innovative and tough course, world class racing, and a weekend to remember! The weather was the wild card, as it has been at so many adventure …

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