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The Twilight Zone

Aside from the elite teams, or maybe they hide it better, the twilight zone is that period of the race where most expedition racers are at their lowest, seeing only darkness ahead.  Every muscle hurts, sleep deprivation has it’s claws firmly attached and they begin asking themselves why they are …

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The Vikings set forth – NIAR 2018

The Nordic Islands Adventure Race 2018 is now underway and in the spirit of the Vikings teams set forth from Stockholm, Sweden on an epic 600+km journey taking them through the Åland archipelago to Finland.  Watch the teams live at http://live.arworldseries.com/niar18/   The race began with a spectacular abseil off …

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NIAR Pre Race Preparations – Nordic Style

23 teams have arrived at race HQ in downtown Stockholm to complete registration and checks prior to embarking on a 600+km Adventure Racing World Series expedition race called the Nordic Islands Adventure Race. HQ is set in the outdoor adventure themed hotel called “Downtown Camper by Scandic” where all of …

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Racing In the Patagonian Landscape Least Travelled

Press Release https://www.sleepmonsters.com/news.php?article_id=6325 The impressive and varied mountain landscapes of Patagonia have attracted expedition adventure races in the past, in both Chile and Argentina, but none have visited the region of North Neuquén, which will host this year’s Raid Del Viento. Hotspots further south may attract the bulk of the visitors …

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Team Movistar Terra Aventura Win in Ecuador

The team movistar terra adventure continued to maintain as an absolute leader of the race during all stages, and after having completed the route in 55 hours with 22 minutes reached goal and became the winners for second year of the Competition with major editions of adventure worldwide.  During the …

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HuairasinchiMovistar Day 2 Report

Day 2 of HuairasinchiMovistar ARWS 2018 started with teams finishing a long bike leg #4, and arriving in trekking to CP8, Parque La Familia and Parque de Aventura San Martin in Baños for the rope system. This imposing rope system paralyzed more than one due to its height, the rock/lava …

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