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Tales from the lobby of the Jindu Hotel

by Nicola Cameron As teams continue to pour in, conversations with teams help us piece together a more complete picture of the race. Teams Bones arrived in a gale of emotion – after an incredibly challenging, fast, tight race, they let themselves go after the finish line and some team …

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Altay Expedition Race Day 4: Finish Line Stories

By Nicola Cameron   Just outside the luxurious Jindu hotel in the pleasant city of Altay, China (the city rather than the region of Altay), a high quality speaker is playing American music as part of the finish line.  This is the first time I have heard an American song …

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Columbia Vida Raid Struggles

By Nicola Cameron We spotted Columbia Vida Raid picking their way through the rocky hills of the trekking section.  It’s rolling hills are beautiful but exposed and dry.  We squinted and could see Julie Chrysler bend over from the waist repeatedly.  We all groaned.  She were sure she was vomiting …

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Beauty and the Tour Bus

By Nicola Cameron In order to cover the race, the international race directors (Louise and Santi), James the photographer, and myself (Nicky the writer), have been driving back and forth on the most immaculate piece of pavement.  As a Canadian, I’m used to roads that seize and buckle in the …

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Rough Water; Tough People

Day 1 of the Altay Expedition Adventure Race began with a performance during the opening ceremonies by a Mongolian throat singer. Mongolian singing, developed to travel across wide open spaces, specializes in overtones – the ability to produce two tones at once. It sounds like a human didgeridoo – vibrant, …

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The Lay of the Land: Altay Expedition Race Intro

The light is very bright in the Altay region of northern China. It makes adventure racers squint at the sky and reach for their sponsored sunglasses. The green of the grass on the rolling hills on front of white-capped mountain peaks is so bright it gives you a headache. Chinese …

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