ARWS Asia Rankings

Every team that participates in an ARWS Regional Round earns points towards their AR World Ranking. These are a ranking order of adventure racing teams from around the world based on their 4 best results in ARWS races over the previous two years.  These points will also rank Asian teams in the ARWS Asian Regional Rankings.

Teams wanting to boost their regional ranking can do so by participating in multiple regional rounds.  Also, racing at the ARWS Asian Regional Championship, or the Tier 1 Expedition Race will earn teams double points towards their Regional Ranking.

The AR World Rankings Rankings are updated in 3 cycles per year.  At the end of Cycle 1 including December/January/February/March, the end of Cycle 2 including April/May/June/July, and the end of Cycle 3 including August, September, October, November.  A team maintains their AR World Ranking for the duration of the ranking cycle. At the end of a cycle, rankings are re-calculated using the results of the current cycle, and the new AR World and Regional Rankings are released.

Current World Rankings

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