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ARWS Oceania Rankings

Every team who participates in a Regional Round earns points towards their AR Regional Ranking.  These are a ranking order of adventure racing teams in a Region based on their 4 best results over the previous two years.

AR Regional Rankings are updated in 3 cycles per year, generally, once the first half of the Regional Rounds have been completed, then after the remaining Regional Rounds for that season, and lastly after the Regional Championship.

Teams who participate in the ARWS Regional Championship, or a Tier 1 expedition length ARWS Qualifier Round in their region, earn double (2x) points towards their Regional Ranking.

Note: Teams who compete at international level events, such as the ARWS Qualifier Rounds, Regional Championships or the AR World Championship earn points towards a WORLD ranking.  While similar in structure note that WORLD rankings and REGIONAL rankings are different.

Current World Rankings

ARWS FAQs – Rankings: How It All Works



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