ARWS – Mandatory Equipment List Update 2018

The list of Mandatory items that teams must carry in AR World Series adventure races has now been updated and is in effect for the 2018 season.  The list is available at

A number of equipment definitions have been updated and the first aid kit contents has been amended.

In particular, competitors are now permitted to use the new technology heat reflective and breathable bivy sacks as sleeping bags.  These can be much lighter than a standard sleeping bag but still provide necessary warmth.  An example of one of these bags is the SOL Escape Bivvy but note that an enclosed “space blanket” does not meet the minimum requirement.

The tent definition has also been revised to permit teams the choice between a tradition tent and a “Bothy Bag”.  Bothy Bags are lightweight emergency shelters which are popular in Europe and used in many events and by mountain rescue organisations.  There are much lighter and quicker to erect but may not provide the same level of protection as a tent.  A number of manufacturers produce the 4 person bags suitable for the ARWS including MSR and Terra Nova. It will be up to the team to make a choice on which will be the most suitable for the race they are attending.

Newer fabric technologies have also allowed for the minimum weight of the Mid Layer Top to be reduced.  For teams focused on minimising the weight they carry,  changes to the tent, sleeping bag and the mid layer top could provide a reduction of approximately 2kg per team.

The format of the Mandatory Equipment List has also been updated and the previous climate “zones” have been removed.  There is now a single unified list applicable for every race in the series.  Race Directors still have the ability to add or remove items relevant to their race.  The equipment definitions however will be the same so teams can be confident that providing the equipment they buy meets the ARWS list specifications, it will also meet the requirements of each of the races on the series.


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