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ARWS Introduces Race Referees


Race Referees will adjudicate this year’s AR World Championship and also 2017 Qualifiers.  Referees will be independent of the race organisation and their role will be to check that ARWS Rules of Competition are followed by teams and issue penalties if they are not.

Over time the ARWS will develop a pool of Race Referees who will travel the world officiating at series events.  Anyone interested in this role is asked to contact craig@arworldseries.com  While this pool is being built, a number of race directors of the AR World Series have offered to attend other series events and act as Race Referees.

ARWS Director Craig Bycroft said “We have reached a point in the series where teams are looking for, and deserve, a better and more consistent adjudication of the race rules and any penalties.  It is also great opportunity to reduce some of the stress for Race Directors and let them focus on running the event.”

Race Referees will be independent during an ARWS event with their own transport and discretion to position themselves in best locations to check the rules.  They will also be on call to attend to any breaches of the rules and issue penalties to teams where required.

In the event of a protest the race referee will be one of a three member of the jury to review and rule on a protest.

Event organisers will be supplying transport and accommodation to Race Referees.

To nominate as a Race Referee email craig@arworldseries.com

Photo: Expedicion Guarani Alejandra Melideo

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