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AMK Break the Deadlock But for How Long?


For almost two days there has been an intense battle at the 2016 Cameco Cowboy Tough between a group of five lead teams including USA Adventure Medical Kits (AMK), Canada Tecnu, Swedish Armed Forces, Brazil North Face and USA YogaSlackers.

As the sun set on the second day of racing, AMK made a move on the ascent of the 10,000’ Laramie Peak, which Dot Watchers may look back to this as the decisive moment for the team.

While fatigue was setting in to the lead pack, having raced 36 hours with minimal rest, AMK moved up a gear to catch Tecnu (who had a slim lead at that time) on the steep ascent, passing them near the summit.  Swedish Armed Forces were doing their best to hold onto their 3rd position while North Face and YogaSlackers choose to rest prior to the big climb.

The big question is can AMK maintain the lead with at least another day or racing to come?  It is unclear if AMK slept at all last night, and if they did, could only be measured in minutes.  Where as the chase teams have all banked sleep last night at various times around Laramie Peak, except Tecnu who pushed on to Curtis Gulch to sleep there.

Keep watching the dots as the next 24 hours of racing will be an AR nail biter! http://live.arworldseries.com/cowboytough16/

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